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Visitors of website are legally bound to follow this privacy policy. If you do not agree to the privacy policy of the site, you are advised to stop using the service. This privacy policy is designed for the safety and security of the visitors of the site.

About us:

Creative planners is a company that offers services for its client. In this document and throughout the site: “We”, “us”, and “our” will be referred to the site. “You”, “your” will be referred to the users of the site “Their” will be referred to any third party service providers, our business partners, and the other third party entities or companies.

Collection of Personal Data:

When you visit our site, we collect some personal data and basic information from you. This data and information are only used for the purposes of better user experience and to market our products to you in future. None of the personal data and information collected by the site is used, altered, or provided to any third-party websites and business partners. All of the data is solely collected to increase the user experience. Besides, the data we collect is to create the content of the site and to add value in your visit to our website. The data is also used to further provide our services to you.


With respect to cookies: We do not set any cookies.

Contact Information:

When you contact us, you provide some information i.e. your email address and name. All of the communication that happens between the site, our service providers and you will occur through this email. We save your contact information to offer our services and for marketing purposes only. Usage of Contact Information: As site user, you may prevent your information from being used for purposes other than those stated already. We don’t use your personal or contact information for any other purpose. However, if a third party service, our business partners, or any other entity or site uses your personal information from us, we are not liable for that. We are also not liable for any data loss that you may encounter because of those third party services and sites.

Data Accuracy and Security:

If the users provide wrong or inaccurate information and fake address or email or contact information, we are not liable for correction of the data. The communication will be made on the contact information provided by the visitors of the site. The visitors are solely responsible for the data they provide at the time of contact. If you do not agree to this privacy policy, you may stop using the services of the site on immediate basis. This privacy policy is subject to changes. However, the visitors will be informed through notification in case of any change in the policy. For further queries or complaints regarding our site or services, visit You can also contact us through email at: